PVDF ( poly-vinlidene fluoride ) is a non-reinforced highly crystalline fluoropolymer. Stronger than PTFE but processing at a high temperature resistance of 1500C.  It is generally used in applications requiring the highest purity, strength and resistance to solvents, acids, bases and heat and low smoke generation during a fire.


  • High purity
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • high tensile strength and stiffness
  • High cold impact strength
  • outstanding thermoformability
  • Very good weldability
  • High continuous service temperature
  • good electrical insulating properties


  • chemical tanks
  • valves
  • rotations discs
  • gear wheels


PVDF RODS (1000 mm )
Dia 25 to Dia 100

PVDF SHEETS ( 500 x 1000, 1220 x 2440 )
From 3 mm to 30 mm Thickness

Polystone® PVDF SK/GK sheets are backed on one side to enable them to be bonded with other materials. The material used for the coating is either a polyester stretch (SK) or, in the case of strongly diffusing chemicals and/or high temperature fluctuations, knitted glass fibre (GK).


  • Very good welding and processing properties
  • Especially firm adhesion in the composite system and therefore especially suitable for container and plant construction
  • Especially high resistance to acids