Since 1997, we started to manufacture cast polyurethane products in rollers, rods, sheets, parts etc…. all custom made to your requirement.

Having a joint venture with an established and experienced cast polyurethane manufacturer in Taiwan, Johnson Chemical Ltd, our partnership enables us to produce high quality products with their vast know how and knowledge.

Cold cast polyurethane is a process of mixing 2 parts product, Prepolymer and Curative to form a shape with inexpensive tooling. There is not a need for big quantity due to its unique process and low costs moulds. After filling into a mould, we allow sufficient time for curing and most importantly, post curing time to achieve its optimal physical properties.

We carry a wide range of prepolymer raw material and our Sales team will be able to advise you on the suitable grade of material to use. The hardness of our cast polyurethane ranging from Durometer 30 Shore A to 95 Shore A and above it, from 60 Shore D to 80 Shore D, which is as hard as a Nylon material.

The advantage of Cast Polyurethane versus that of other materials is that being an elastomer, it is not brittle, has rebound strength and hence able to absorb high impact without damaging the part or absorbing any internal stress.

As Cast polyurethane is in a liquid form in its raw state, we are able to bond the material onto metal, aluminium and some plastic material. This makes it more cost efficient as a metal part can be reused just by coating a new layer of cast polyurethane.


PU rods ( 300mm , 500mm length )
From Dia 10 to Dia 100

PU Sheets (500 x 500mm )
Thickness From 3 mm to 60 mm