Transparent Easily machined & polished care required with coolant
Very tough and very strong Susceptible to stress cracking
Good heat deformation resistance Easily bonded
Good electrical insulation Available in anti static grade
Physical strength, resiliency, ease and versatility of fabrication Do not soften upon re-heating, so they are easy to saw, drill,
Excellent electrical   tap, and machine with ordinary tools
Used in a wide range of mechanical and electrical applications Available in paper, brown orange, black and cotton grades.
Strong, stiff, and have high impact and compressive strengths.    
Extremely high strength
High dimensional stability over temperature
G 11 is a better insulator and can take higher temperature
Possesses a high level of chemical stability
Excellent resistance to fire (it is self-extinguishing). high modulus of elasticity.
Excellent electrical characteristics, particularly in the area of low tension and frequencies. It can be used within a temperature range of
10ºC to + 60ºC.Up to temperatures of 60ºC rigid PVC is stable against the majority of diluted or concentrated acids.
Is inert from a physiological standpoint. The ability for the product to be used in the food sector depends exclusively on the type of its
stabilisation.a good electrical insulator and absorbs little water; moreover, it is possible to weld and glue it.
Available in grey, transparent and transparent anti static.
Very good electrical insulation
Very good sliding properties
Very good UV resistance
Good resilence
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