Ultra high molecular weight pressure Co-efficient of friction lower than metals Average molecular weight is approx 10
  polyethylene with a molecular weight   and many other plastics( 0.2 µ )   times that of HDPE-500
  of > 3,500,000 g/mol Self lubricating material, non stick material FDA approved, food grade
Great wear resistance Very low water absorption rate ( 0.01 % ) Available in anti static and conductive
Excellent sliding properties Temp range – 200 0 C to + 85 0 C   black grade
High abrasion resistance( 100 % )and        
  high impact strength( 210 kJ/m2 )。        
High mechanical strength
Very good machinability
Low water absorption
Good UV resistance for Black grades
Low stress cast semi finished product.
Very good machiniablity
Wear resistance
Electrically insulating
Very tough
Very tough and impact resistance.
Good chemical resistance
Electrically insulating and very good machinability
Strong and tough
Resistance to many oils, grease, diesels and petrols
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