High performance plastics demonstrates the superior properties of plastics - sliding friction behaviour (particularly with dry running), savings in weight and chemical resistance - even at high continuous service temperatures
Long term service temperature is 150o C and more up tp 300oC.
Greater strength in the higher temperature range
Better creep resistance in the higher temperature range especially glass and carbon filled grades
Co-efficient of thermal expansion can reach values similar to aluminium or steel
Inherent flame retardancy ( excluding PC-HT and PPA )
High gamma ray resistance
Excellent resistance against UV radiation
Good chemical resistance
Resistance to repeated sterilization with boiled water or steam ( limited to PC-HT, LCP, PPA, PAI and PI )
Excellent electrical properties in the higher temeprature range
Bearing grade materials can work in temperature of 250oC and above
Machine elements subject to sliding friction (slide bearings, rollers, thrust washers, piston rings, seals) for mechanical engineering in general, the textile industry, office equipment and the automobile industry (particularly in engines, clutches, transmissions and drive trains)
Heat and shock resistant applications in the glass industry and in aviation and aerospace engineering
Heat resistant, high purity materials with no outgassing and good insulating or defined electrical conducting properties for the electrical
Sterilisation and hydrolysis resistant parts for medical technology
Radiation resistant components with no outgassing for vacuum technology and applications in the field of X-ray and nuclear power technology
Practically universal chemical and heat resistant components for the chemical industry
Components for hard disk drive industry
High thermal mechanical bearing strength Very tough Good machinibility
Creep strength Good sliding properties High resistance to gamma radiation
Good chemical resistance Wear resistance    
Hydrolysis resistance even against superheated steam Electrically insulating    
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