Using only the best prepolymer from Japan, USA and Australia, we guarantee our quality to customer’s satisfaction.
Our moulded PU products improve designs and products in all industries and can be smart substitute for metal, plastic or conventional rubber.
Polyurethane can achive a wide range of physical and mechanical properties, including outstanding toughness, resilence and longevity.
High resistance to abrasion and impact Ability to bond to metal and other materials
Outstanding elastic memory Superior load bearing abilities
Flex fatigue resistance Low tooling cost
Weather / marine tolerant Hardness range : 30 A – 98 A, 60 D – 80 D
Mechanical Handling Equipement - Reach truck tyres Circuit Board industry – flux rollers
Steel industry – rollers, slitter rings , lacquer rolls Mining industry – cyclones and scrappers
Spring and Die industry – PU springs Automation machines – conveyor rollers
Carton Box industry – Non crush roller Quarries – PU mining screens
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